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Grief Summit

I have recently been invited to speak on Conscious Grief Series 4 – How To Navigate Through Grief To Find Joy, Connection and Happiness Again.


In these interviews each expert is sharing tools and resources on how to process grief. Grief is one of the hardest human processes we must endure. Often we want to run or numb from grief, but what if we choose to grieve consciously?


Our pain is not something to be dismissed and overcome, it is something to be held and nurtured.


Deep transformation and growth can happen come from our darkest paths. This series begins on March 11th, sign up now for this FREE event. You will receive a daily email with 2 interview’s from speakers ranging from Coaches, Authors, Therapists and Teachers. You can watch in the comfort of your own home, in the car or out for a walk.


Do not miss out on listening to incredible speakers who have navigated the rocky path of grief and who generously share their wisdom and insights to help others. Many speakers give away free sessions, books, meditations and discount codes. Click here to register now for this grief summit.


Do you know someone else that needs this? Please share!

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