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About Me

I started seeing and experiencing Spirit around the age of 6.  When I went to sleep at night I would ask my mom to please close my closet door as there were “people” (white shadowy figures as I know now were beautiful deceased souls) who would come out. I have always experienced very vivid dreams of deceased loved ones, had an imaginary friend when I was young, and felt that there was a presence or someone watching over me or that someone was around me.

As I got older I noticed that people would tell me about some of their deepest, darkest issues or situations. They told me I gave them good advice. I didn’t realize at the time the advice I was giving them was being channeled to me from a Higher Source.

Later in life someone explained to me what was going on, with what I was seeing, sensing, and experiencing, in terms of Spirit. Other Mediums explained to me I had a "gift," or "ability," to connect with Spirit (or the other side). It was at that time I decided I wanted to go forward and develop my skills as a Medium in order to help family and friends.

It was channeled to me by various readers throughout the years that I would be supported by deceased grandparents and relatives on the other side as I stepped forward (with baby steps) on this path.  I read for family and friends out of my house for many years.

I soon came to realize it is truly, without a doubt, a part of my life’s purpose to serve Spirit. While serving Spirit I was also aligning with who I am and who I would become. I am still evolving, and this purpose continues to develop each day.  


Throughout the years I have had many supportive people enlighten my path and encourage me on this beautiful journey to step forward out of my comfort zone, and to help more than family and friends. I can’t thank them enough for their love, support, and encouragement.

I have a Masters Degree in Special Education. My career spanning 22 years as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher has instilled in me that being a lifelong learner is of the utmost importance in any job, career, or calling. We can always learn more, practice more, and grow more as a professional. I have had the honor and pleasure to learn from and study with beautiful and talented Psychic Mediums who I truly love, adore and admire. They inspire me!  Each one has helped me to grow tremendously as a Psychic Medium and as a spiritual being.  I will be forever grateful to Lindsay Marino, Lisa Williams, Martin Twycross, Thomas John, Andy Byng and Jackie Eaton. I always say, no one grows up thinking or saying “Hey, I’d like to be a Psychic Medium! Where do I go to school?” It’s true. It just happens. In return, I have been blessed to channel messages from Spirit to my clients that are for their highest and best good as our soul continually evolves, grows and learns here in the physical world.

I perform my work with the utmost integrity and I take a great deal of time to prepare for each and every session. Every client is important and special.

It has been an amazing honor and  incredible experience to serve Spirit and bring healing, peace and/or guidance to so many beautiful people. I am truly blessed, grateful and humbled as I continue my quest to heal people one soul at a time. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Yours in Spirit,


My Services


Meet with me for a one on one private reading. Our session will last an hour and leave you refreshed. Click here for additional information about this service.


I'm available to be of service to you and your family for a reading. I can accommodate 3 - 5 people for a family reading. Learn more here.


Enjoy a reading with your significant other, Mom, Dad, a sibling or whoever you wish with a couples reading. (2 people) This lasts an hour and 15 minutes. For more information about this service click here.


Group readings are the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to spend a meaningful day or evening together. Group readings are booked and reserved for 8-10 people only. Learn more here.

Debbie Squizzero - Psychic Medium
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