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Family Readings


3 - 5 people

One And A Half Hour | $400

I am excited to meet you and read for you! I wish to let you know what to expect when you come for a reading/healing session. Before you arrive I put out a prayer, an invitation, to the spirit world. I call upon your angels, your guides, and deceased loved ones along with my spiritual support team. They work together energetically. I ask them to channel very accurate, specific, and evidential information to help you grow and/or heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In the hour before we meet I set intentions for you, for our session together, and say prayers for you. Additionally, I am channeling, on paper, some initial thoughts, feelings and visions that I receive. I share this with you at the close of your session. The "paper" I channel for you is yours to keep.

During your session Spirit will channel information to me through a series of energetic impressions. When I connect with Spirit I see, sense, feel and hear information. Spirit also channels many messages to me through song. 

I also receive many symbols and metaphors as well. Each psychic medium has "their own language." This means that all psychic mediums receive differently - in their own special way.


This is your time and your session. Feel free to ask questions if you feel guided to do so. I provide paper and pen so that you may write down anything you wish during the session. I always encourage my clients to write things down as you will receive a lot of information. It can be a very emotional experience. You are welcome to record your session during the reading, please know how to use your device before you arrive.

Please know that I am just the channel for Spirit. Spirit is the one doing the work. They have an agenda for your session long before you and I sit together. It is my job when serving Spirit to bring through their agenda, therefore, I ask that you attend your session with an open heart and an open mind. Please release any and all expectations of who you think should show up and what they should say to you.  Spirit uses me as a channel to bring through loving, helpful, and healing messages to you. That is my ultimate goal and passion.

During your reading Spirit will connect you with a deceased loved one. Please listen to all of the information Spirit delivers to you about this person coming through. As you listen consider everyone this might be, not just who you want it to be. If Spirit is describing one person and you are only focused on another you will not understand. Keep an open mind. Many times one Spirit will bring forth, or link, with another Spirit and that may be the person you want to connect with. Again, please keep an open mind.

At the close of your reading I will have you pick a card. Each card holds a specific message. The card you choose will describe what is most important for you to know right now while on your journey here in the physical world or it will be a message from your deceased loved one. 

My goal for each client is to have a very positive healing session. I hope to meet and read for you soon! - Debbie


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