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What's New?

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Happy New 2022!!!

I am so grateful, thankful and appreciative for all of your love and support.


Throughout 2021 I continued to make a commitment to deepening my craft as a Psychic Medium. Over the course of the year I have had the opportunity to be part of various Mastermind groups. I have studied with some amazing tutor/mentors as well.


Whether you have had a reading with me (in person or Zoom), attended an event, referred me to someone for a session, followed me or interacted with me on social media, or have attended a workshop, I want to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you for your kindness! I am so honored. If you are thinking about having a session with me or taking a class or workshop, I am looking forward to connecting with you in 2022! I love meeting new people!


This year I am planning in person events around Rhode Island, and nearby Massachusetts. I will continue to host online group reading events, both large and intimate, via Zoom, and I will continue with all of my in office, in person, and Zoom services. You can explore the various services I offer on my website by watching a short video about them or read about them in detail by category.

I invite you to subscribe to my You Tube channel where I answer many questions that I have received over the years that pertain to the topics of “death, dying, the Other Side, and the metaphysical world.”  Subscribe to my email list by filling out the “contact form” on my site - be notified of new events and happenings!

In closing, may your days of 2022 be filled with prosperity, peace, and good health. I send my warmest wishes as you remember, honor and celebrate your loved ones in Spirit. They are right there with you… I promise.

Thank you for being an important part of my journey as I continue to live my passion to Heal People One Soul At A Time.

With Gratitude,


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