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The Universal Language of Love and Understanding that Transcends Earthly Limitations.

Spirit speaks the Universal Language of Love

  • Does it matter what language a deceased person spoke- Are you able understand what my deceased loved one is communicating in any language?

  • Can you communicate with pets?

Pets can communicate from spirit.

As a Psychic Medium, I often encounter this question, and it's truly insightful! The language your deceased loved one spoke here in the physical world holds no significance when connecting and communicating with them in Spirit. Spirit communicates through me using various energetic impressions such as thoughts, feelings, symbols, emotions, and images. Rest assured, I can indeed establish communication with your departed loved ones and even your beloved pets. I would love to connect with you for a reading either in person or via Zoom. Click the link below to visit my website.

Visit my website to learn more about me or explore my services:

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