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Spiritual Healing at the Meadows


10 People

Two and a Half Hours | $100 p/person

I'm pleased to introduce my newest offering!

Join me for a group reading at my office in North Kingstown RI.  Come with some friends, family, or co-workers.

This is a great option if you are unable to gather 8-10 people (for your own private group) for me to travel to you. This will be a mixed group of attendees - you may not all know one another.

Each person in the group receives a message that is evidential, personalized, and validating. I will channel messages from Spirit to each person and you can fully expect your experience to include laughter, tears and healing.

Depending upon the number of participants you can expect a group session to last anywhere from two and a half to three hours. The messages during a group reading will be delivered in a group format/setting of 10 people. Please note I do not read 1:1 for each person in a separate room. This is a group setting for receiving messages. 


I look forward to meeting you. I will hold loving and healing space for you during our time together.

If you would like to host your own private group of 8-10 people at your home or have your private group come to me at my office that service would be booked under “Group Readings.”

Click the link below to be a part of my next Spiritual Healing in my office.
If a spot for you is not available please check back again for a future event.
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