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Zoom Events


8 People

Two and a half Hour | $75 p/person

Join me as I meet with you and others for "Spiritual Healing - An Intimate Zoom Event."

From time to time I will be offering a setting where 8 of you and I will gather online via Zoom for an intimate setting where I will channel messages from loved ones. Each participant will receive a message that is evidential, personalized, and validating. I will channel from Spirit to each of you and you can expect your experience to include laughter, tears and healing.

Check this page often as these events are flash events and book rather quickly. Announcements for these can be found on my social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.

I look forward to reading for you soon. With Gratitude - Debbie
Wondering if a Zoom Reading is Just as Powerful and Effective as an In-Person Reading?
Read Below: 

"I had my first reading with Debbie, and I wish to be vulnerable and share a little bit about my experience. She is the most radiant, gentle, loving pure source of light and she has a God-given gift.

She channeled the soul of my loved one powerfully and truthfully AND it was over Zoom. I say this so you might be able to picture how real her connection to Spirit is. Whether it be virtual or in-person, you will have the most wonderful reading with her.


She made me feel safe. I will never forget this experience, nor will I ever forget Debbie.


This session was invaluable and was worth every penny. If you would like to connect with a loved one on the Other Side, but are feeling skeptical and nervous, I encourage you to trust yourself and take a chance with Debbie. 


There is no judgment from her, just pure love.

Being in the presence of unconditional love from Spirit and Debbie reminded me of what my soul is here for. I have so much respect and admiration for Debbie. She uses so much of her sacred energy to help people, and I am forever changed for the better by meeting her. Sending love and healing to every soul who comes across this. "🤍🕊

Lucas R. - Reading on July 5th 2022

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