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My reading with Deb from Divine Guidance was absolutely phenomenal. The information I received was life-changing and insightful. Her special gift of seeing the future and those on the other side is truly amazing.
She was able to describe family and friends that had passed over to the other side with such was absolutely astounding. Only someone with a special gift would be able to recant personality and event details with such accuracy.
I strongly recommend her to anyone who asks about seeing a psychic / medium. It's an experience that everyone should have in order to appreciate such a God-given talent.

Written Testimonials

The first visit to Deb a few years back blew my mind. I was a bit skeptical at first but in a short time she was hitting it out of the park with information that only I knew. She won me over with her unbelievable talent and personality, and her caring approach to some heavy subjects. I'm a fan!

I now visit her every six months for a spiritual check-in and check up and it never ceases to amaze me how she is able to channel such powerful information and guidance. It is truly Divine.

When I lost my mother she reached out to me after she received a cancellation and her way of pulling me through a rough time buoyed me and put me at ease. Visit with skepticism and leave a believer.

Deb is truly amazing! I have been scheduling a reading every year on my birthday for the past five years- best birthday gift I can give myself! To receive beautiful angel messages to welcome a new year of life and validate my journey feels like deep love. Deb is always accurate with names, dates, locations and events! Not only are her details on point, but she gives a lot of information about “themes” and “big picture” scenarios. The messages are always delivered in a reassuring way and meant to heal - she sincerely and deeply wants to help you! She is kind and genuine, always uses and shares her divine gift to fulfill her life purpose for our good. Deb takes her time and makes sure to give you all messages intended for you - I’ve had her email me after sessions on several occasions to give me additional messages. And the way in which she delivers her readings... nothing like it!!! You are hypnotized by her high energy, gestures and (sometimes) singing! She pours everything into her sessions. The angel card reading and her own previously written notes she gives you at the session’s end always validate all of her messages. It is an experience like nothing else and I’m always a little sad when it is over. I’m so thankful to have found Deb and look forward to her guidance for many years to come. She really is an earth angel herself! 

I had such an unbelievable experience in my session with Deb. Prior to my session a very close male had passed, causing me to feel lost at times in my life. Deb was able to bring me closure and make me feel like things were going to be okay again. I recommend her to the  highest degree and can't stress enough how much of a wonderful and kind person she truly is!

My first spiritual appointment with Deb was six years ago and what a wonderful journey it's been. She helped me heal from the death of my father and brother who both passed before their time. She gave me guidance to walk through some scary times and I made it. She taught me how to trust my spirit guides and ask for their help. Deb has a wonderful gift and I'm truly blessed to know her.

Debbie is absolutely amazing, what a powerful gift she has! Her spiritual energy that reaches the past, present, and future is mind-blowing!!! She delivers her readings with a deep soul connection with compassion and sharp accuracy.

I highly recommend her service and I'm confident you'll be amazed too!

In August of last year my family and I suffered a tremendous tragedy when my brother passed away suddenly. I met with Deb Squizzero this January and was completely impressed with her abilities. She was able to channel my brother and provide a sense of relief and comfort to me. She assured me that my brother is at peace and is still with us in spirit. Since that meeting, Deb has been in contact with me on several occasions to pass along additional messages from my brother. I can't thank her enough for these incredible gifts! I found Deb to be very friendly, compassionate and funny, and I highly recommend her services.

Where do I begin or how can I say this? Debbie is a true to life ANGEL right here in our lives. The gift she has been given is beyond amazing! Debbie has been guiding and and helping me sort things out for 20 years. Helping me through business and family matters, and healing also. The best part is she connected me with my guardian angel, my grandmother Jenny. Hold onto your seat - let the truth be told. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

Deb represents a guiding light of optimism and positive energy we all need to thrive in our lives. Your session with Deb will focus on you and your spiritual life journey. Having a reading with Deb will allow you to focus on yourself and what you need to be happy and successful. Deb's readings are full of laughter, guidance, and self-reflection. I encourage people to attend a session with Deb for the purpose of taking care of yourself first, allowing you to take care of other people in your life. With the world's focus on mindfulness, I have practiced this concept through my readings and teachings with Deb. Thank you Deb for providing the guidance I have needed for the many hats I wear. The world is a better place because Deb is in the world helping us through our spiritual journey. Thank you and God Bless!!!

I had my first reading with Deb about ten years ago when she was just learning her trade and looking for her "guinea pigs." I thoroughly enjoyed my readings and always found them somewhat therapeutic, even though somewhere in the back of my mind I always reserved some skepticism about the process. When my brother died unexpectedly about two years ago, Deb was very understanding when I said that I didn't want to come for any more readings. Less than 18 months later, I also lost my mother. Soon after this, I felt like I needed to have a reading because I felt my brother's presence around me throughout my mom's brief illness with cancer and her death. It was probably the best thing I could have done to ease my mind after so much trauma in such a short time. Connecting with both my mother and brother brought me peace in a way that not much else could have at the time. Deb has always been very compassionate and genuine during my readings.

From my very first reading with Deb, she was instantly able to tell me things about my life, that only I knew. She has been able to channel spirit in such a way that my loved ones validate themselves, with actual names, pet names, physical characteristics, or even VERY specific flowers, that let me know who is coming forward. At a very difficult time in my life, Deb was able to recount occurrences to me that no one knew, as if she had been there with me. Her messages about that situation were spot on and the guidance I received through her, had such a calming influence through the rough times. A reading with Deb is always peaceful and comforting.  She has such a beautiful way about her.  She presents messages with compassion, positivity, and even some humor. I always leave her readings with clear messages and knowing the reason I felt it necessary to seek her out at a particular time in my life. Deb is amazingly accurate, professional, kind, and dedicated to helping her clients by bringing forth the messages they need to hear.  Deb works from the heart and her heart is full of love. She is without a doubt, truly gifted, spiritual, and inspirational. I would highly recommend a reading with Deb! I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Video Testimonials
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